How to Install the Google Translate Widget in Blogger and WordPress

Google Translate Widget

Google translator widget Welcome to, So today we are going to learn how to install a Google translator widget on your website. You can use this Google translator widget on both platforms, WordPress, and Blogger. I think the Google translator widget is a must-have widget, every blog must have this widget. Because, there are … Read more

How To Make Safelink On Main Blog | Blogger | Working With Median Ui 1.6 | Easy Steps

How To Make Auto Safelink On Blogger

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What Is Hosting And Domain Learn in Brief 2022

What is Backlink 4

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Best URL Shortner Without Captcha –

About is one of the best URL shorter websites in the whole world. It allows people to short their suitable links such as YouTube links or any website link and chance to get paid for every link and each view. If you are sharing something on YouTube, telegram, or any other platform then … Read more

How To Create & Delete WhatsApp Group in 2022 Fast

Delete Whatsapp Group

Hello, guys welcome to Today we are going to learn that how to create Whatsapp group and how to delete WhatsApp group. deleting a WhatsApp group is not so complicated it’s very easy and simple to delete a WhatsApp group so now let’s see how to delete a WhatsApp group from our smartphone… WhatsApp … Read more