Benefits Of Android Development In Today Generation 2021


Today generation technology grows day by day and most people give importance to Android Development, Web development, etc. And today in this article we will discuss the Benefits of Android Development. So if any people think to enter this field then this article will very much helpful to him. So let’s start today’s article.

Android Development
Android Development

What is Android Development?

Android development is the process where a person who has great knowledge about android programming create different types of application by the help of programming languages. And it’s not easy to develop because to develop any type of application we have to learn different types of programming language.

And now time most people learn programming languages and they try to make Android apps. And Android applications cannot be developed on Android devices, they are only developed on Android studio which is runs on PC or laptop.

By using android studio, we can develop any type of Android application which is unique and more attractive. And before we can develop any type of application first we have to learn Java, XML, and basic knowledge of Gradle files. And after that, we can make any type of application.

Programming Languages
Programming Languages

Programming Languages to create an application

Programming languages are most important in today’s generation and without programming languages, we can’t create any application and not only application but also we can’t create things because every digital thing creates with the help of programming language and even we know that Google is the most popular search engine and do you know a google search engine is also created in a programming language.

And an Android application may create with the help of these popular programming languages like Python, Java, kotlin, XML, swift, etc. But while we use Android studio then we only create an android application with the help of java and XML.

Why do we learn a programming language?

If we are IT students then we have to learn the programming language because it is very much helpful to create different types of software, Android application, and websites. And now the time every company hire those people who have great knowledge about programming languages.

And not only IT students but also every people can learn program language. And if any people can understand all programming then it may be easy for them to build logic and develop creative things. And now the advanced generation we have to motivate students to learn programming languages because they are the future of the nation.

Develop an Application
Develop an Application

How to develop an application?

To Build an Android application we have to use an Android studio. Generally, Android Studio is the type of software that is developed by Google developers and we can download this software on google easily. And these platforms are only run on the Windows operating system like PC and computer.

Is it possible to create or develop an Android app on mobile? Yes, indeed, we can now create or develop android applications on Android devices. In the android application, we can create an android application with coding or without coding. And while we creating an app with coding then we have to learn at least Java and XML languages and there are also some platforms where we can develop an android application without coding.

If such people interest to create an Android application on Android devices without coding then you may such on YouTube because there are a lot of platforms launch where we can create an android application without coding with the help of these platforms. And those people who have an interest to create android applications with coding then there is only one platform where we can create Android applications on Android devices.

Create App on Mobile
Create App on Mobile

Is it possible to create an android application on mobile?

If those people who haven’t any windows operating system where he or she would be run android studio then now they can use one platform to create a high-quality android application with the help of an android device. And the platform name is AIDE means Android Integrated Development Environment. And this app is available on the Google play store so that anyone can download this app for free.

And whenever we install an AIDE application then it’s already a free version and in the free version, we run only simple and small programs and build a simple android application just like a hello world application. And whenever we purchase the paid version AIDE then we get a developer license and now we can create or develop any type of big application.

And we get these features in a lifetime. And the main thing is AIDE is also sane as Android Studio. We can also run AIDE Application projects to Android Studio. And now time most people build an android application on Android studio whereas most of the people develop android applications on Android Devices with the help of AIDE application.

Benefits of Android Development In Today’s Generation

In today’s generation, we can give more emphasis to programming languages and development talent. It does not matter that the people only know the android development but they also know about Web development, system analytic, etc. But in Android development, we think more and more unique logic, so that our memory and thinking power will increase.

And if we can create an Android application then other people can also want to hire us for creating an android application. And we can apply to any software company as a developer. That is because we have a great experience of Android development so that those companies will provide the job to us.

Final words

At the end of this post, we suggest that every people have to learn at least one programming language and try to develop an Android application. As discuss that we can develop Android applications on both Android devices and PC or laptops. And this article, we already discuss android development basic information, benefits, and how to develop Android applications.

And always create an android application with coding because without a coding application we can’t design all things and it’s not looking attractive. But when we create an application with coding then we can create or change the whole design and it looks more attractive and unique.

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