Best Ad Network For Websites And Applications in 2021


Today in this article we will discuss the best Ad Network For Websites and Applications to monetize our Application or website contents and articles. Here we discuss the top ad network features and detail information one by one and suggest that which is the best platform for a user who wants to monetize his or her content.

Why do we monetize our content?

Some of the people think that why we monetize our application contents or website contents and is it important for us? And the answer is Yes! Generally, it depends on us otherwise it is most important for us to monetize our application and website content to earn money through ads. By the monetization process, we just put other platforms, companies, or brand ads, and for the results, those platforms are paid to us.
So that is the main reason that why we monetize our website or application content and now time most of the bloggers or other website and application owners or developers monetize their content through ads.

Best Ad Network
Best Ad Network

Top Ad Networks to monetize websites

Now is the time to discuss the top Ad network that helps us to monetize our application contents and website article and in this section, we first discuss the top Ad networks that help us to monetize our application and after that, we discuss that Ad network that helps us to monetize our websites.
We only discuss that Ad network that is trusted and good for our application and websites in this section. And those people who didn’t know how to place as then you have to wait for our next articles otherwise you can search on google or YouTube.

Ad Network To Monetize Application
Ad Network To Monetize Application

Top Ad network to monetize Application

Here will be discussing the top most trusted and verify Ad networks that help us to monetize our Application. If you are a developer then you should know that how to place ads on applications through Java programming languages and Gradle scripts. And if anyone is a beginner in the application development field then he or she should search their problem on YouTube or google otherwise they should go to the documentation page of that Ad network to learn how to place ads in the application.
And at last, the top Ad networks are discuss given below – 

#Top 1 – Google Admob

If you are an application developer then you should know what is Google Admob Ad network is, this is the part of Google Adsense. And by the help of Google Admob, we can monetize our application and after monetize, we see the Google ads are running on our Application. But now the time Google Admob change its policy that we have to publish applications on the play store first then Google ads are shown in our application.

And there are no requirements to monetize our application, we just develop and publish the application on the play store after that we can easily apply for Google Admob. And if we discuss the payment information of Google Admob then the minimum payment threshold is 100 dollars. Whenever your account balance each the minimum threshold then you can request your payment to your local bank account.

#Top 2 – Facebook Audience Network

Facebook is the most popular Ad Network platform where we can share our posts but now we can also monetize our application with the help of the Facebook Audience network. If we are an Android developer then we can also use both Google Admob and Facebook Audience Network in our Application. But the most important thing to monetize our application is our application should be published on the google play store then we can apply Facebook Audience Network to monetize our application.
In this Ad network, we can easily earn money by monetizing our application and we can also withdraw our money to our local bank account.

#Top 3 – Start App Ad network

These are third-party applications but this is most important for those developers who can’t get approved by Google Admob or other trusted ad networks. In this Ad network, we can easily monetize our application and there is no requirement to monetize the application.
There also some other trusted and popular networks are available like Unity Ad network, Applovin, and many others.

Ad Network To Monetize Websites
Ad Network To Monetize Websites

Top Ad Network to monetize Websites

Now is the time to discuss the top Ad network that helps us to monetize our websites. Now the time every blogger and content writer creates their website or blog and monetizes our website contents.

#Top 1 – Google Adsense

The top and most popular platform to monetize a website is Google Adsense and with the help of this As a network, we can monetize not only the Website but also YouTube videos. So overall it is the most popular platform which is used by millions of Content creators, YouTube’s, and Bloggers to monetize their Websites and YouTube videos and earn money.

We can only apply those YouTube videos or Websites that are complete their basic requirements like to monetize a website we need a custom domain and hosting and we have to provide unique content to monetize a website and the other hands to monetize the YouTube video, we have to complete the one thousand subscribers and four thousand hour watch time. After complete these requirements, we can apply our YouTube channel or Web site in Google Admob.

#Top 2 –

Well, this is the best alternative Ad network of Google Admob and by using this platform we can monetize our website article or other content. And those users who already use the Ad network platform then can easily earn lots of money through ads. And user can request the payment in their local bank account when their account balance reaches the minimum payment threshold of 100 dollars.

#Top 3 – Adsterra

Adsterra is the third-party Ad network platform that provides many different types of ads on our website, and we can also receive payment from multiple sources like Paypal, WebMoney, wire transfer, and many more. Well, this platform very much helps full for those people who do can’t be approved by Google Admob,, etc.
And there are also too many Ad networks available that can be used to monetize different types of websites and for those their party website there are no requirements to monetize websites.

Final words

At last, we suggest using Google Admob and Google Adsense to monetize your application and website, but for some reason, if you can’t be approved by this platform then you can apply and use a third-party platform to monetize your application and websites. And that is all about today’s article.

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