Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers 2021


Today in this topic we will discuss the Best Ad Networks for small publishers like new bloggers or small bloggers. And that blogger who gets rejected from Google Adsense can use this Ad network to monetize their website or blog. So if you are finding the best Adsense alternative as a network then this article may helpful for you. So let’s get started on this post.

Best Ad Networks
Best Ad Networks

Basic requirement before choose any Ad Network

You have to require some basic thing before you apply or register any Ad network and remember that in our whole post we can’t discuss Google Adsense, but we discuss other third party Ad networks that allow small publishers to monetize their contents like a blog, product or posts. So you have to complete these requirements before you apply or register yourself in these third-party Ad networks. And here will discuss those requirements – 

#1. Set your Budget

To manage your perfect business you have to set your budget and then you can decide that how many years you keep your business or blog online and start to monetize your product and content according to your decision. If your budget is high then you can also promote your business on Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and generate perfect revenues. More traffic in your website or blog means more revenue you generate so it’s very important to set your perfect budget and then you can start to monetize your content. But the is not enough, there will also some several types of requirements which is very important for you.

#2. Set you Goal

You have to set your goal to keep your business or blog online and start monetizing your content. If you didn’t set your goal yet then you can’t perfectly manage your website. And at last for the results, you can’t earn or generate revenue on those third parties Ad networks.

That’s why because on that Ad network we got very low or average CPM ( Cost Per Mile ) or CTR ( Click Through Rate ) etc. So whenever you have that Ad network you have to generate a lot of traffic on your blog or business website.

#3. How much traffic you got daily

To manage your blog or website or to monetize your Content or product you have to manage or gain traffic in your blog and website. You have to monitor that how many people are visiting your website or blog daily and this will help you to decide what type of ads you place on your website. And you also get your revenue according to the placement of your ads and it also depends on that how many visitors visit your website or blog.

You can easily monitor that how many unique visitors visit your website or blog daily with the help of the Google Analytics application. After setting up Google Analytics, you can easily monitor your whole traffic.

#4. Set your target audience

Well, this is the most important thing which you have to do that you have to decide and target an audience of a particular location and it will help you to gain more visitors in your blog. If you have a business website then you can also get more sales in that particular location. You know that the CPC and CTR are not the same in a different location so that you have to target that location where you get more CPC and CTR.

You can also promote your blog or website in that location to generate more sell and gain more revenue. So these are the basic but most required parts which you have to do on your blog or website. And now we start to discuss those third-party Ad networks that help you to monetize.

Third-Party Ad Network
Third-Party Ad Network

Third-Party Ad Network For Small Publisher

Here will discuss some small third-party Ad networks for small publishers so that they can monetize their content.

#1. Propeller Ads

Propeller ads are the best Ad network for small publishers to monetize their blog or content. It provides the very premium ads on your website and generates your revenue within 30 minutes. So overall after placing ads on your website or blog you can see your total impression, click, CPM, and Revenue.

You can put banner ads, interstitial ads, Native ads, pop-up ads, and many more on your website or blog. And you can request payment directly on your Bank, Skrill, Paypal, Wire, and Web Money, etc.

#2. Adsterra Ad Network

Adsterra ad Network is the best alternative to Google Adsense where you can monetize your content and it’s also very much similar to Propeller ads. On this, As a network, you can also monitor your revenue and impression. Here you can place a different type of Ad on your website or blogs like banner Ads, pop-up ads, native ads, and direct link ads. And on this As network, you can request your withdraw in Cryptocurrency, Pay Pal, Bank transfer, Web Money, and many more.

#3. Revenue hits Ad network

Revenue hits allow small publishers to monetize your blog or website and it does not matter that your site has low traffic or high traffic. You can place different types of advance ads on your website or blog. And we can monetize our revenue, impression, and eCPM after passing one day. And you can request your withdrawal through PayPal, wire, and Payoneer.

Here we will discuss the best and popular Ad Network where you can add your website or blog and start monetizing. It allows all small publishers to monetize and those people who can’t get Adsense approved can also monetize their blog or website.

Final words

Here we discussed some third-party and best Google Adsense alternative Ad networks to monetize your content. And if you have already a Google Adsense account then you can skip These Ad networks otherwise you can use these Ad networks on your website. And if you like this post then you can share it with others. And it’s all about today’s article.

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