Best Payment Gateways To Manage Business in 2021


Today in this article we will discuss the best payment gateways to manage your business. If you have any online platform for your business or you think to sell some product through the website then you need some payment gateways to manage your order and accept payment on your website.
And here in this post, we provide the best and secure payment gateways option that helps you to accept money online and manage your sales.

Payment Gateways
Payment Gateways

What is Payment Gateways?

Payment gateway is a specific tool that is made in different types of coding languages and it is helpful to manage our business online. Generally, we use these payment gateways to accept money from customers. Whenever we sell something online we need a website and here we have to set up various types of payment gateways on our website.
These are the plugin that you have to install on your website. But this is only possible when you are using WordPress that is because the plugin is only supported on WordPress. With the help of this plugin, you not only add a payment gateway but also can add a lot of features to your website.

Why use Payment Gateways?

If you think to create a website for your business or think to sell something online then you have to add a payment gateway plugin on your website. And for the results whenever a user wants to buy some of your product then at first he or she has to pay with different methods. After they pay successfully then they receive the product.
And it is the main reason to use a payment gateway on a website. And you have to register your account on that payment gateway’s official website so that your payments will be automatically settled on your given bank account. And here is all about the payment gateways.

Sell Products Online
Sell Products Online

How to Sell Products Online?

You can sell your products offline or online and it also depends that what type of product or service you give to the people. If you have some physical product then you have to follow several types of work when you sell online. But in most cases, people sell their digital products online because it is more secure and fastly delivered to the customer.

It is the best method to connect more customers digitally and more chances to sell the digital products secure and fast. And the website is the best way to sell any digital product online, you can also sell your product with the help of an application but to develop an application or manage the application are not so easy for everyone.

So that people give more emphasis on the website to sell their digital products online. And a single website can’t manage or handle our business so that we need some plugins that manage our website and business too. We already discuss the information about the payment gateways plugin but you can not use that payment gateway plugin directly on your website.

You need to install a very important a most popular plugin that helps you to add your digital product, manage the payment gateway, ship your physical product, whether someone buys your product on online. And you can do all of this work with the help of the Woocommerce WordPress plugin and with the help of this plugin you will get some extra features like, automatically generate pdf bills and send notifications on email.

If you are a blogger and you want to sell some of your digital products online then you have to shift your website to WordPress because this is the best place to manage your all website features and product information. If you are already a WordPress user then go to your plugin section and install the WooCommerce plugin.

Payment Gateways Plugins
Payment Gateways Plugins

Payment Gateways Plugins

Now is the time to discuss the best payment gateways that help you to manage the payment system on your website. With the help of this payment gateway, you customer can pay via UPI, local wallets, phone, Google pay, Online bank transfer, Credit or debit card, and many more. Can’t here is that Gateway – 

#1 – Razorpay Payment gateway

Razor pay is one of the best payment gateways which is used on both websites and applications to accept payment by the customer. You have to register your account on Razorpay’s official website and gives some personal documents as a formality and has to wait until your document will verify.
After your document will successfully verify then you have to install the plugin name Razorpay Woocommerce Payment gateway plugin. After that, you have to set the API key and Secret key which you can get on the Razorpay profile section. And all done and now your website is ready to accept payment online.

And there is also some other payment gateway which same as Razorpay payment gateway and those are here – 1. Instamojo, 2. Paykun, 3. Cash-free etc. If you love Cryptocurrency then now it is possible to accept via crypto payment, and below we discuss about that plugin.

#2 – Coinbase commerce payment gateway

If you want to set up a Crypto payment gateway so that your customer can pay you via Cryptocurrency. You have to download the Coinbase commerce payment gateway plugin and also you have to create an account on the Coinbase application and complete your full KYC In the Coinbase application. And after that, you have to do the same thing that sets the API key and Secret code which you get from the Commerce Coinbase account.

This plugin gives you the full guide that how you can set up and accept payment. And these are the best payment gateway which is used by millions of people on the world wide.

Final Words

In this post, we discussed overall important information about the best payment gateways that help you accept payment and create your online store by using the WooCommerce plugin. By using these plugins all your payments automatically add your payment gateway account after being successfully paid by the customer and automatically settle on your bank account And that is all about today’s article.

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