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Today in this article we gonna discuss What is Programming? And the best platform to do programming and coding on mobile and laptops. So if you have a mobile or laptop then you also do programming and create an interesting program and codes that you can use in your daily life. But if you didn’t know about this then we also suggest which programming language you should learn first in this article.


What are Programming Languages?

Generally, programming languages are that language in which computers understand easily and it is a human-readable format so that any person also can understand and write programs according to his or her. These are also called high-level language and with the help of the high-level language people can read and write the program and the computer also understand and execute those programs.

Computers only understand the machine-level language just like Binary language which is in 0 And 1 format. So how computers will understand high-level language? The answer is that to write any type of programming language we need to use Compiler or interpreter. Where I interpreter runs only 1 line of code during execution but in the case of Compiler, it can execute the whole program during execution.

And whenever we discuss more important things about Compiler that this is the software that is used to convert high-level language to low-level or machine-level language and for the results, computers can easily understand those languages because those are now in binary format. And today C programming, C++, Java, Python, Php, C# are the best example of programming languages.

And with the help of these programming languages, we can communicate with the computer directly or indirectly and create any type of program according to us. And not only programs but also we can create a variety type of Applications, games, and software with the help of these programming languages.

Now we have to choose the best compiler to do programming and it depends that what type of operating system we use. Suppose you use the Windows operating system then you can use different types of compilers or suppose you use the Android operating system then you have used some specific compiler that’s why because both are different operating systems and you cannot install Windows compiler on Android or vice versa also not install.

Best Windows Compiler?
Best Windows Compiler?

Best Windows Compiler?

And now the time we discuss the best and unique Compiler which is supported only on Windows operating system and you can’t install them on the Android operating system. Those people who have an idea about programming always suggest installing the Turbo C++ compiler and yes this is a very popular and old compiler on the Windows operating system.
But now the latest generation a lot of compilers come where we can do programming easy and fast. And those are discussed here – 

#1 – Visual Studio Code

This is the best and very fast compiler develop by Microsoft company and in this Vs studio code, you can do any type of programming and coding. Well, Coding is used to create and design different types of website structures. Overall all type of programming and coding language is supported on Vs code and it’s free for everyone.
If you want to download this compiler then you can easily download it on Google Chrome by visiting the official website.

#2 – Code blockers Compiler

This is one of the best offline compilers which is supported only C programming and C++  programming language. This is the offline compiler and you can run your program even you are offline. You can also download this compiler on Google. 
So these are the 2 best inline and offline compilers that run only window operating systems. And if you are an Android user then you can also run various types of programming languages and codes with the help of some application. And here we discuss it.

Best Android compiler application
Best Android compiler application

Best Android compiler application

Now the time everyone uses Android devices and if you want to do programming and coding but haven’t any PC or laptop then don’t worry you can now do all types of programming and coding on your smartphone. But before doing any type of programming or coding you have to download or install some application and that application helps you to do programming and coding.

#1 – ACode Application

This is the best online coding application and very similar to Vs studio code because here you can easily create any those of websites with the help of coding language. It has a local host live server that helps us to see our project live on an application or browser. Here you can do all the coding like HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP, and a lot more codes.
It’s available in 2 versions on the play store one is free and the other is paid so it all depends on you that what version do you want to install on your devices.

#2 – DCoder Application

It is the best online and offline compile which is available on the Google play store so that anyone who wants to do both programming and coding can install this compiler on their Android devices. As we discuss that you can easily do both programming language and coding language on this application that is because there are all types of coding and programming language are here on a single application.

But because of its both online and offline compiler, some of the users who do of have any internet package may face some type of problem with this application. But overall this is the best application and very similar to the Visual studio code compiler.

There are also some offline compilers available on the Google play store but they support one type of programming languages like Coding C application and Coding C++.

Final Words

Here in this interesting article discussed some information about programming language and we discussed some offline and online compilers that run on the Windows operating system and Android operating system. So those people who have a great interest in programming can now do all the coding and programming even they are offline or online. If you like this article then share this with other people.

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