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About is one of the best URL shorter websites in the whole world. It allows people to short their suitable links such as YouTube links or any website link and chance to get paid for every link and each view. If you are sharing something on YouTube, telegram, or any other platform then definitely you must join this platform.

The link shortening process on this platform is the same as other link shorteners but RockLinks provides the best quality features to its users which are not provided in other link shortener platforms. And that’s the only reason people love and join this platform. And the Rocklinks team also respects the user’s security and privacy, if a user faces any problem then The team of Rocklinks always solves their issue. Click here to join

Why Join

The main reason to join the Rocklinks platform is to monetize and shorten our social media’s URL address and chance to get paid. As discussed previously that the Rocklinks paid our every link and each view. So if we get more impressions on our link then definitely we have more chance to increase our earning.

Also, Rocklinks provide the best publishers rates of 4$ (dollars) per thousand impressions which is the best for publishers to earn more. And is also another reason that the minimum payout of this platform is only 5 dollars and Rocklinks already mention their platform that their team will count 70 rupees as 1 dollar and they give the payout to users according to this concept.

And those people who are having medium or big communities can earn more in the Rocklinks platform. And Rocklinks will mention that those users bring 800 to 900 traffic daily then they will have a big chance to get a high CPM of 4.5 dollars to 5 dollars.
Although the other short links also provide the same payout but Rocklinks is too unique itself because it has some unique features and here those are discussed serially.

Features of

Here are the important and unique features which Rocklinks are provided to its users.

No Captcha and No Popup Ads

Rocklinks haven’t provided any captcha and pop ads to their users. Sometimes Popup ads will redirect a lot of websites and for the results, users will very disappointed and that’s why they can’t be provided these types of things on their platform.

No Adults ads

Rocklinks can’t provide any such types of Adults ads to their users. And that is the main reason that people like this platform. 

No Fake buttons

The fake button will interact with the user to redirect to another website and for that reason, the user can’t go to their destination page but Rocklinks can’t provide any such type of Fake button.

5 dollar minimum payout

As already discussed that Rocklinks send the payout to the user when their account to reach 5 dollars and there is a lot of withdrawal option available like Paypal, Paytm, Google Pay, UPI, Bank Transfer (India), Phonepe, Payeer, Perfect Money, and Bitcoin, etc.

High CPM of 4 dollars for all country

Rocklinks will give a very high CPM of 4 dollars in all countries. That means you will get 4 dollars when you reach the 1000 impression.

20% Refer bonus

There are the highest refer bonuses of 20% that Rocklinks will provide to their users.

Low Ads and fewer pages

Rocklinks provides very low ads so that users can’t irritating and it will redirect very fewer pages. Their main motive is to bring the user to their destination page.

Final words

So after discussing all the features of the Rocklinks platform it will prove that this is the best platform and because of its unique features, users love this platform too much. So let’s join the platform and earn more.

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