How To Create Application & Publish On Google Play in 2020 Easy Steps


In this article, we will discuss that how you can create application and publish the app on the Google play store. Well, we will give you the proper guide to creating an application such as how and where you create your application and what kind of steps you have to follow before publishing the application on the google play store. So let’s start this article.

Create Application
Create Application

Requirements to Create Application

There are some requirements to create an application and now the time there are too many platforms where you can create an application with coding and without coding. And here are the 2 types which are discussed –

#Without Coding platform

Without coding is one of the best and easiest ways to create an application for those people who don’t know the programming languages. And these types of platforms are making people create different types of applications but in these types of platforms, there are some disadvantages.

And a perfect developer knows all types of disadvantages without a coding platform so that they only trust to create a full and well-designed application with pure programming languages. And here are the disadvantages which you face in without coding platform whenever you create any type of application –

  • You can’t design the whole app
  • You can’t develop what you want
  • You can’t change other scripts and API levels which is most important for Application
  • You can’t create the .obb extension which you publish your apk project
  • You can’t create your key store or self and many others.

So these are disadvantages which are already known by developers and so that they can’t use the without coding platform to create an application. And now is the time to discuss the coding platform which is used by millions of developers to create an application with programming languages.

#With Coding platform

With coding, the platform is one of the best platforms which is loved by millions of application developers and that is because that this is the way where developers can apply various types of programming language. And with the coding platform developers can now feel free to develop any type of application and in this way, they can’t face any type of issue.

In this platform or way, they can able to make their self-design application, change any design in the whole application, change the API level, and cradle scripts according to themselves, add any type of library files or packages in the application depends upon the category of app, able to create .obb file and create a self-signed certificate or key store.

But now according to the google play store August guidance, they declared in their policy that developers can only upload the application in .obb files and it’s mandatory to increase the API level 30 or more for Android 11 and 12. And according to this policy with coding platform is the best way to create an application.

If you create your application and use it yourself then definitely you can go with it without a coding platform to create an application but if you want to build an application with a coding platform and publish it on the Google play store then you have to follow this policy which is given by Google. And now is the time to discuss those requirements which help you to build an application with a coding platform.

#Requirement 1

To create an application with coding then you have to learn application programming languages like Java, Kotlin, XML, Python, and Gradle scripts. And before know these types of programming languages you can’t create an application.

To learn these types of programming languages we suggest completing this type of programming course online or offline. You can complete the course with the help of YouTube or any study center and make yourself to be a developer and able to create applications.

#Requirement 2

You need software where you apply the programming codes and create an application and without a system or a particular software, you or any developer can’t create an application. And those type of software which helps the developer to creates an application with programming languages called Integrated Development Environment or IDE.

And whenever a developer was ts to create an application then they only choose the world best IDE software called Android Studio code and this is the one and only IDE where you can build or develop any type of application with Java And Kotlin.

#Requirement 3

And the most important thing in application development is a proper plan and aim. Well, too many people skip this but this is the most important factor to create not only applications but also create things. Plan and aim are too important because this is the only way where you can think that what type of application you want to develop and what type of features that application has. Can the application help others to help their work, can the application solve the problems, etc.

You have to plan and set your aim according to these questions and then you can start developing an application according to your plan. And these are the few but important requirements which you have to follow before creating any type of application on any type of platform. After discussing all requirements you have to think that to publish your application on the Google play store and this is the aim of every developer but in some cases, most of the developer fails due to some reasons. And there are several kinds of reasons like money problem, the application has some bugs or other issue or application violets the play console policy, etc.

Publish Application On Google Play Console
Publish Application On Google Play Console

Publish Application On Google Play Console

Before starting publishing your application you have to follow the Google play console guide and policy and also you must check that is your application right according to the policy and it can’t Violet the policy. After sure all of that now you are ready to publish your first application but it’s not easy for you to publish an app on the Google play store.

You have to create an account on the Google search console and without a search console account, it is impossible to publish your application on the Google play store. So you have to create a play console account and also you have to pay a one-time fee of approx 25 dollars. And after pay the account registration fee now you can publish your first application on the Google play store.

Final Words

At last in the final words, we only suggest building your application when you have the proper knowledge. Otherwise, your application may be incomplete and may violate the policy, and you publish your app on Play Console if you think to do then for the results google will reject your application and also delete your Google Play Console account. And it’s enough in today’s article and hopes you follow our suggestion and Google policy before creating or publish your application.

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