Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS? Improve Your Security 2021


Today we will discuss about the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. If we browse any website or if we have any website which is starting from Http then we have to convert HTTPS as soon as possible.

To understand better about Http and Https we just give a simple example that In our daily life we try to do all work securely like suppose we ridding a bike then we always wear a helmet to protect our head in an accident, and just like that whenever we browse something or if we have any website then we have to notice that if it is secure or not. And How we will know that what is secure and what is insecure ?. Don’t worry now we discuss and clear all about HTTP and HTTPS.


What is HTTP ?

HTTP is a type of network protocol and the full form of HTTP is HyperText Transfer Protocol which is included in WWW ( World Wide Web ). Basically, HTTP is the middle man who manages or transfers data from server to user. Whenever we open our browser and search any website then HTTP requests to server and get all files and display in our screen in HTML, CSS, and Javascript file. If the server has any back-end Language then it will hide automatically.

Generally, HTTP uses TCP Protocol’s Port 80, so that with the help of HTTP files will transfer very easily. But it is not an encrypted format. That is why it may be break by someone. If any people who have a great idea about software and IT, they may break and access all files. That why if we shop or buy any product through the website then we always see the domain will start from HTTPS. Because it is most secure than HTTP.

So that if we will any of our personal details on those platforms or websites which domain name starts from HTTP then it may not secure and we have to be careful for this. That is because those websites whose domain starts from Http may steal our personal data like our name, email address, phone number, address, or any card or payment information.

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What is HTTPS ?

HTTPS is also the type of Network Protocol and the full form of HTTPS is HyperText Transfer Protocol Secured. This is also included with World Wide Web. And the working process of Https is just like HTTP. But it is most secure than HTTP. Because HTTPS includes with SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer )certificate which is a digital certificate.

Generally, SSL helps us to create an encrypted link between the server and web browser. And if any people try to break this security then it may be hard for him and suppose if he or she will successfully break the connection or security then he or she receives only encrypted files.

Now the time if we browse any website then we see the domain starts with HTTPS and that means the browser will secure. And we also see the green lock logo before Https when the website is open. And if we buy any product and the website is also started with Https then we can add our basic details and payment detail because this website is totally secure.

Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS

What is SSL Certificate ?

SSL is a digital certificate that means Secure Sockets Layer. Generally, SSL Certificate helps to enable encrypted communication between the web server and web browser.

SSL is totally paid service and it comes with HTTPS Proxy Server. So that we can not find any SSL Certificate in the HTTP proxy server. Because HTTP used a very low range of security and it may easily access by someone. And whenever we purchase any hosting then we get an SSL certificate.

And by the use of SSL Certificate in website our all files are transferred from webserver to web browser in an encrypted format. And if someone tries to break the connection then it may be difficult for him.

Suppose if any person who has a great idea about computer maybe break the connection but he/she receive only encrypted files. So overall our all files are totally secure by using SSL certificate.

Difference between HTTP & HTTPS

Now is the time to discuss the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. And it is very much important to know the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. So that we can secure our website and protect our website.

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Basically, those websites who are are starting with HTTP, have files with Hypertext format which is simple. And that is why it will be easy to break by someone and all the file will be very easy to access. And we notice that most of the college or institute website starts with HTTP.

But those websites that have started with HTTPS, have files with the encrypted format so that anyone can not easily break this, and it’s too hard to access the files. In today’s generation most of the company, and individual bloggers have websites with include HTTPS.

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The most simple difference between HTTP and HTTPS is basically those websites who are have started with HTTP are look like HTTP:// and those websites which are started with HTTPS look like HTTPS://.

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Generally, HTTP supports proxy server 80, and that is why it may be broken easily, and the file will be accessed very easily.
And HTTPS supports SSL Proxy server 443 and that is why it is very secure and too hard to break. And the file will be encrypted.

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And the most important thing is HTTP is free and the HTTPS is paid. HTTP is free so that it’s not secure but Because if Https is paid and whenever we buy any hosting we get a free SSL certificate and as we discuss that SSL certificate helps the site to secure and fast.

Final Words

And at last, we suggest that use or browse only those websites that are started with HTTPS because that it secure that SSL certificate and do not browse or add personal details on those websites that are started with HTTP.
And in this article, we will discuss that What is HTTP and HTTPS. And also we discuss that the difference between HTTP and HTTPS and here is the main topic.

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