How To Create A Website Step By Step Guide Fast And Easy 2021


Today in this article we gonna discuss that 2021 How we create a website and publish it on Google. We provide step-by-step tutorials to create a website and after reading this article you can also create your website and publish it. So let’s start this article.

Create A Website
Create A Website

What we required to create a complete Website?

Before we discuss publishing a website we have to need something to create a website. If you have an idea about some coding like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Php then you can easily create your website with coding otherwise you can choose Blogger or WordPress to create a website. Well, it’s too easy to create a website with Blogger but in this article, we discuss how to create a professional website which is possible on the WordPress platform.

In the blogger platform, we all know that it’s free but in WordPress, this is not free and that user who wants to create their website in WordPress then he or she has to invest some money and buy a hosting and a domain to create a website.

So now we know that to create a website we have to purchase a hosting and a custom domain but most of the people buy some time low quality hosting and for the results, their website performs too slow and they may face several types of problem whenever he or she apply for Adsense to their website. So it’s very very important to buy high-quality and speed hosting and also they have to buy a high-quality domain like .com or .in etc. But most of the cases see have to buy a particular domain according to our website like if we want to create a business website to sell some products Then we can buy a domain like .online and .store etc.

And not also domain but also hosting is too important for our website suppose if we have a business and we want to create a website for our business then we have to buy a premium hosting to manage our business but in case we purchase a small hosting then it can’t manage our business website. So overall both hosting and domain are most important to create a complete website.

Basic Steps
Basic Steps

Basic steps to create a website

There are some basic steps that we have to follow to create a complete website and here we discuss those steps one by one –

#Step – 1

Now we purchase both domains and hosting and now is the time where we have to create connect a domain to hosting. And it’s very important for our website beaches we all know that hosting is the online server where we store our website file. And whenever we purchase any hosting then we receive an email and those emails we found the hosting bane servers which we have to copy and paste on name servers in the DNS section and we easily explore the DNS section on our domain provider platform. After paste the name server in the DNS section we have to wait for some time while it’s automatically connected hosting to the domain.

#Step – 2

After it connects both Domain and hosting then we have to go to our domain provider platform and we have to log in to our C Panel and it’s asked to enter a user name and password to enter the panel, and we easily find the user and password of C panel in our email and if there no email show in our account then go to the spam folder and now we easily found the email.

After the login c panel, we have to install WordPress to create a website. And to install WordPress just scroll down in the c panel and here we find the WordPress option. Just click the WordPress option and fill in some detail like user name and set a password and after that just click the install button to install WordPress on our c panel.

After the installation was complete, we found the 2 URLs, one is our website address, and another one is our admin panel address. And by the help of the admin panel URL, we can easily log in and manage our WordPress website. And now when we go to our website we see the unique and by the default theme is set on our site.

#Step – 3

Now we create a website successfully with the help of WordPress and now we have to follow some steps to publish our website article or post on Google. If those people are creating websites for his or her business or those people who start their own blogging website, that is no matter because it is bound to submit all websites in google. So that we have to install some plugins and also we gave to create a google search console account.

After that we have to submit our website address on the Google search console then we have to verify the property, and we can verify the property in many ways liked g CNAME in our DNS section, another way is to paste the meta code or upload a file in our hosting root. If you don’t know that how to add a google search console meta tag then you have to install one plugin on WordPress name Yoast SEO plugin. And by the help of the Yoast SEO plugin, we can easily manage our website SEO and rank our website on Google.

#Step – 4

That is not enough to submit our website on Google search console but we have to post several types of articles on our website and copy the link of the article and again we have to add that article links on the Google search console. And it may take several times to publish our article on google and whenever it publish on google we can also share the link on different types of social media platforms. And after it publishes on google then now every people can visit our article through a google search engine.

If those people are creating a business website to sell his or her product they can also add the product link on the google search engine and for the results, anyone can visit and buy our product online. And that’s why we use only a Google search console account to publish our website as an article on google. It is very helpful for our website and it does not matter that we create our website with the help of WordPress or Blogger platform.

Final words

So overall we discuss the whole thing which is important to create a website. And we always suggest creating a website with the help of WordPress because this is a very popular and very secure platform and we can add many features or create any type of website with the help of WordPress. And that is all about today’s article.

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