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Today in this article we are going to discuss the best Plugins for WordPress, WordPress Plugins which are very much helpful for your WordPress Blog and it does not matter that your blog is in any category. So if you are a WordPress then you must read this article to optimize your blog or website in WordPress. So let’s start this article.
Before we start this article we want to inform you that and also you may know that plugins are only used in WordPress platform and it’s impossible to use those plugins on the Blogspot platform so those people who have a Blogspot blog may skip this article.

What are Plugins in WordPress
What are Plugins in WordPress

What are Plugins in WordPress?

Plugins are those scripts or tool which is made by there help of PHP framework programming language or backend language which is help us to add some extra and important features on our website or blog. And for the results, our blog or website performs well and smoothly.
Without any plugins, you can’t manage your WordPress site properly and manage our website and blog we generally use some plugins, and plugins are most important for WordPress. And in the WordPress directory, there are a lot of plugins you can be found and you can explore all plugins in the Plugins section on your WordPress admin panel.

In plugins sections some of the plugins are free and some plugins are paid and you can install then active any plugins directly in the plugins section. You can also upload any playing by yourself with the help of the upload plugin option and you can find this option in the plugins section.

Plugins are the type of function which is used to perform some specific task in our blog or website and it also takes some space in our server to operate our site. And the common problem is there are a lot of plugins that can down the speed of the website or blog so always try to use fewer plugins that have more functionality as compared to other plugins.

But some plugins can optimize the speed of your website, so it’s wrong to say that plugins can slow our WordPress website but the truth has the use of a lot of plugins makes the website or blog slow. And in this article, we also discuss some special types of plugins that help you to manage and customize your website.

Why Plugins are Important
Why Plugins are Important

Why Plugins are so important for WordPress sites?

Plugins indeed are the most important for every WordPress website and you can use such type of plugin to perform any task of your website or blog. Suppose you want to set up proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then you have to install a bunch of plugins or any particular plugins.
And in the WordPress platform, thousands of plugins are free and premium, and thousands of other plugins which is so important and upload on any third-party platform. And it’s true that without using a plugin we can’t manage our WordPress security, SEO, Members, and many other things.

Best WordPress Plugins

Now is the time to discuss the top best WordPress plugins and their features that why you installing this plugin and how the plugin will help you. And here’s the plugin will discuss –

#Plugin 1 – Rank Math SEO

This is the very powerful Search Engine Optimization(SEO) plugin that helps you to set up your website or blog SEO. After installing the Rank Math SEO plugin you have to create an account on Rank Math, don’t worry you will be a proper guide to set up your account and plugin.
There are a lot of features in Rank Math SEO to optimize your Blog or Website SEO like –

  1. 404 Monitoring
  2. ACF support
  3. Amp
  4. Analysis
  5. Image SEO
  6. SEO Analysis
  7. Instant Indexing
  8. Local SEO
  9. Link Counter
  10. Scheme (Structure Data)
  11. Redirection
  12. Sitemap
  13. Optimize WooCommerce and many more.

Well, these are the features that you can explore in the Rank Math SEO dashboard. And by the help of this plugin, you can also index your post on different types of platforms like Google search console, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Alexa, etc. And after connecting your Rank Math SEO plugin to your google account it will automatically catch all data and show your complete website data. And it has other more important features that you can analyze your SEO with one click and check the errors of your SEO score.

#Plugin 2 – Wp Hide Login

This is the best plugin that helps you to secure your WordPress Admin panel. Whenever you install a WordPress script for the first time then by default your WordPress login address is and it’s the same for all users who recently installs the WordPress script. And if you give the week password then anyone can able to log in your WordPress admin panel so it’s your responsibility to hide it change the URL address.

But by default in WordPress, there are no options to change the WordPress login URL so in these cases Wp Hide Login Plugin we use. After installing this plugin we have to activate the plugin and then go to the Setting > Wp Hide Login option, then you have to scroll the end and here you will see the URL change option. By default, it’s already set Login but you have to cut the text and fill whatever you want and then save the setting. After doing all steps now your WordPress Login URL address is And whenever anyone puts the old URL address including wp-admin then he or she will be redirected to the 404 error page.

#Plugin 3 – Wp Optimize

Wp Optimize means WordPress Optimize and by the name of the plugin you can calculate that this plugin will help us to optimize the website or blog speed in different ways. After install and active the Wp Optimize plugin, you will see the Wp-Optimize plugin option in your WordPress Admin panel.
Here you have to compress all types of images and you can also create your website cache to load faster and better. We also write an article on it and discuss the uses of the wp-optimize plugin and how you can speed up your WordPress site. And here you can find the article – How To Boost Your WordPress Website Speed Easily [100% Working].

Final words

In the conclusion section, our suggestion is to use the fewer plugin and at least use these plugins in your WordPress site because these are the overall plugin which is important for website privacy, security, SEO and speed. And this is enough of today’s post, if you like this then share it with other bloggers.

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