Top 4 Platforms Where We Can Build Website Very Easily


Today in this article we discuss the Top 4 Platforms Where We Can Build Website. Now that is the most important for all web developer or blogger who wants to create their blog or websites. Or this platform will also be helpful for those people who are beginners in this Blogging or web developing fields. So let’s start this article.

Platforms Where We Can Build Website
Build Website

Why website is important?

For those people who have a company or business then it’s sure that he has a website. And the website is the digital way to grow our business or company. Because a website represents other people that what we provide in our business or some additional information about our company.
So that website is important in today generation. And now some individual bloggers just create a blog or website and share their opinion, ideas, and other information. So that if we notice this type of work then we understand that in today generation website is too important for a or our business and company.


What is Blogging?

Except for the Company website, there are too many other websites that are available on the google search engine. And when we open this website we see too many different types of posts or articles will publish, and all the posts or articles are very much important for others. And that is called Blogging.

In Blogging, a person creates a website and shares their ideas and other important tips with other people through this website, and those ideas and tips which are shared by the person are called Articles of posts. And the work that he or she does is called blogging. And that person who wrote this article and post is called Blogger. And after writing he or the article submit the article link to the Google search console. And finally, we read their article through google.

Website for Blogging
Website for Blogging

How to Create a Website for Blogging?

In today’s generation, there are most platforms where we can create different types of websites but in this article, we discuss the topmost famous platform where we can build a website for a company or blogging. And if the person has an android device, laptop then he or she can easily create a website for his or her work. So now we discuss the top platform where we can build or create a website for bloggers.

#1 – WordPress

WordPress is one of the most famous blogging platforms where a person can create different types of blogging websites and share their idea with other people. WordPress requires a domain name and hosting to live our website. A domain name is our website address and hosting is the live server where we store our website data and files. And both domain name and hosting are available in paid.

To start blogging at first we have to buy a domain name. And we can buy the domain on any website but the most famous website, who provides the best quality domain name is Godaddy and Hostinger. Well, this is our suggesting platform, and already millions of bloggers purchase their domain names can this platform.
And we also have to buy hosting to start the blogging journey.

And that platform which we suggest to buy a domain name, we can also purchase hosting in this platform. And after that, we have to enable an SSL certificate, if you don’t know that what SSL means then let me explain, SSL means Secure Sockets Layer and we already discuss all information about Website security and all about SSL in our previous article.
And after buy both hosting and domain name we can now start blogging.

We have to install WordPress in our hosting Cpanel and update the nameservers in the domain name to connect our domain to hosting. After doing all steps we can start the blogging journey. You can also search on YouTube to know all about WordPress.

#2 – Blogger

Blogger is also the too platform for blogging. If you didn’t know then we inform you that Blogger is part of Google. And in the blogger platform, we can create a website for free and there is no need to purchase hosting and domain. That is because tho blogger platform when we create a website then we see “” is connected to our site. This is a subdomain provided by bloggers and it is free. And those people who are beginners in the Blogging field then The Blogger platform is the best option for them to create a blogger website.

create a Website
create a Website

How to create a Website?

On the other hand, we can also create a website for a business or company and these websites are custom websites. If we know HTML, CSS, and Javascript then we can create a custom website. But in this section, we share a top 2 platforms where we just copy and paste the code to create a website. This is the easiest and simplest way to create a custom website.

#1. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a CSS framework where already predefined code is available and we just copy those codes and paste our code editor app according to our needs. Here we have to implement the bootstrap script to our code and we can use all features of bootstrap, and there is no need to write CSS because in those bootstrap scripts there already define.
And to live our bootstrap website we need an online server where we put our HTML file and in this case, Hosting is the best option to live our website.

#2. Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is also a framework platform and Tailwind CSS is just like Bootstrap. Here we also copy and paste code to create a custom website. And we need hosting to live our website which is built with the help of Tailwind CSS.
Also in some cases, many people hire a professional Web developer to create their website for a business or company. And we already make an article that how to become a developer. So that is all for today’s article.

Final words

Here are the Top 4 Platforms Where We Can Build Website which we discuss in today’s article and the first 2 platforms help us to create a blogging website where anyone can create a website and start blogging and the other 2 platforms help create a custom website for business. And to create a live website with the help of this platform we need a hosting and domain name but in the blogger platform, we can create a website for free. If you are want to create your website then you must try these Top 4 Platforms Where We Can Build Website.

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