What is App Store & Why It’s Important in 2021


In this generation, some too many developers develop different types of applications, but they have to publish on a specific platform. So in this article, we discuss that What is the specific platform where the developer publishes their Android and iOS Application. And also discuss that why the platforms are important for the developer and us.

The simple answer is Application Store. Yes, those developers publish their applications on a specific App store. And for the results, any people who want any type of application can download it with the help of the application store. But in our whole world, there are a lot of application stores exist. But before discussing the various type of Application stores we have to know that What is Application Store?

App Store
App Store

What is Application Store?

Application Store is the type of store where all types of applications are available and anyone who creates an application can publish it on the Application Store. And in today generation there is a lot of application store are available and all application store has a different policy to publish applications.

And if any developer wants to publish their application on any particular application store then he or she has to follow the policy, rules, and regulations otherwise their application will be rejected. So now we discuss the type of Application store or app store which people used most in their daily life.

Types of App Store
Types of App Store

Types of App Store

In this latest generation, there are a lot of app stores are available and these stores are used by different countries. So it’s impossible to discuss all stores but we discuss the top Application store, which people used most in their daily life.

#1. Google Play Store

Google play store is one of the best application apps stores which allow the developer to publish their application and games on their platform. But this platform is not free and anyone can’t use this, only those people who create an application or game can use this platform and they also have to purchase the Developer account of 25 dollars to publish their application.

For those developers who want to publish their app and game first, they have to go to the google play console and create an account in Google play console they have to pay 25 dollars and it’s a one-time payment. After that, we add our app file and other details in the Play console and have to request a review. After review our application or game it will be published automatically on the Google play store.

So that is the reason that why anyone can’t join this platform except Developer. But there is also some app store which is free for all and that means all types of people create and publish their application on that free app store. But we have to note that this platform is a third-party platform and it’s not popular as compared to the google play store.

#2. Amazon App store

Amazon App store is the type of app store that is part of Amazon and it allows developers to publish their applications and games on their platform for free. Yes, it is free for everyone but you have to create an Amazon developer account to publish their application on this platform. In India, most people use Google play store but in other countries, people use both Google play store and the Amazon app store.

And the process of add app file and other details are same as Play console account. And the most important thing is that those people who already use Google play console account can also use an Amazon developer account and publish their app and game in both the Google play store and the Amazon app store. And one thing is that this app store is a third party but it is fully secure and safe and all of the apps and games which are available in this app store are also safe and secure.

#3. App Store

App Store is also a type of application app store which is running only iOS operating systems like Apple iPhone, Ipad, etc. It is also a paid platform and only iOS developers can use this but they have to purchase a developer account. But most of the developers in India prefer the Google play store to publish their applications and games.
Except for these 3 App store platforms, their also some other third-party platform where we can publish our applications and games but those are not popular and secure to publish.

Why Application Store is Important
Why Application Store is Important

Why Application Store is important for us?

We discussed already that the application store is very much important for the developer because they create a lot of applications and games and they have to publish this app. But these App stores are very important for us also because whenever we want any type of application then we search at first in App stores like Google play store and Amazon app store and others.

And when we didn’t found any such type of application according to our need then we search in Google. So it’s also very much helpful for us to download several types of applications and games with the help of this application store.

And if we use a trusted application store to download the application then the application which we download is safe and secure for our devices. But on the other hand, if we download the app from any third-party app store then we may lose our data because they are not secure.

Final Words

At the end of this article, we suggest those people who are using any such type of third-party application store that uninstall those and always use Google Play Store and Amazon app store and if those people have an iOS operating system then they can use the App Store. So that’s why these are the trusted and secure app store in worldwide and all the application and games are in this store is secure and safe for everyone. So we discuss the important topic about Application store and if you like our information then share this article to others. And that is all about today’s article.

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