What Is Frontend And Backend Language ? It’s important 2021


Today in this article we will discuss the Frontend and Backend language. If you are a website or application developer then the article will very much helpful for you. And in today’s time, these frontends and Backends languages are used on every website and other software. So let’s start today’s article.

Frontend Language
Frontend Language

What is Frontend Language?

Frontend language helps us to create a basic structure and design of any website and web application and there most important thing about frontend languages is anyone can explore these languages easily. And the frontend languages are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and anyone who has an idea of computer knowledge can easily explore these codes or languages.

To explain better way suppose we discuss the development process of any website then we already know that every website can build with the help of both Frontend and Backend codes like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Python, etc. But exclude HTML, CSS, and JavaScript all languages are Backend languages because these are those languages that are used to create a framework and we already know that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the frontend languages, so it may not be possible to create a database or framework by the help of Frontend languages, that’s why choose and work with Backend languages.

How does Frontend language work?

For example, we create a website with the help of WordPress then we know that HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP are used in our website and because PHP is the type or example of Backend languages. So that we can build an admin panel, create a database, etc to manage our website easily.

And whenever we go to the theme section and try to edit the theme in WordPress then we found a variety of PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes. And for the results whenever an unknown person tries to access our whole website source code then he or she only found the Frontend codes like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and because PHP is the Backend language so that he or she can’t get those Backend codes.

And we thanks to our mobile or Window Browser because it hides the Backend codes and gives us only the Frontend codes to the users. Actually whenever we search anything on Google and enter any particular website then our browser sends our request to the hosting server and shows us a dynamic website which is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript forms. And in this situation, if anyone can try to get the whole source codes of that website then he or she can found only Frontend codes contains HTML, CSS, JavaScript but we can’t found any type of Backend codes. And that is all about the Frontend languages and now we are going to discuss Backend languages.

Backend Language
Backend Language

What is Backend Language?

Backend language is that language that is used to create framework and database and It’s completely different from Frontend languages. And it is only managed by the admin or developer who creates that website. And we can use these basic programming codes like PHP, Python, Java, Kotlin, and many more as a Backend language anywhere.

And for the result’s whenever anyone tries to get the source code of a particular website then he or she can’t get any type of Backend codes. And it is also helpful for all bloggers and developers that they only can manage their websites.

Why Backend language is important?

As we already discussed that the specification of the Backend language helps to create an individual admin panel that helps us to manage or control our website and this is very secure. All our files and website data and codes are secure and no one can see these codes because they are used in the Backend.
Generally, with the help of Backend languages, we can easily add new features and we can easily modify our website or web application to the next level that makes a website looks unique and attractive.

And today almost everywhere Backend language is used to creates a static and dynamic website. If that user who have a business website or E-commerce website then they should use Backend languages to manage and store user data.
It’s may not impossible to create this type of website with the help of Frontend languages but if anyone tries to create a website in frontend languages then all website data and files may be accessed by anyone.

Importance Of Frontend & Backend
Importance Of Frontend & Backend

Is Frontend & Backend languages are important?

After discussing almost all things about Frontend and Backend languages and now we discuss that why both Frontend and Backend languages are important to create any type of website or web app.
And the answer is Yes, it’s too important for every person and that is why because every website have a different type of admin panel and framework or database which is made by the Backend languages, and without these languages, we can’t manage our business website in the right way.

And the same we can use the Backend languages in the application also to store our all data in a particular database which is made with the help of Backend languages. And the basic example of the most famous database is Google Firebase, and this is just a website where we can store our application data like user data, application files, and many more. And the Google Firebase is a framework or a big online database platform and it is made by different types of Backend languages.

And no one can access those Backend codes exclude the developer or admin of the Google Firebase.
But Frontend is also the very most important thing for our website or application because without Frontend languages we can’t create any structure of application and website. So that both Frontend and Backend are important for our site.

Final Words

Generally, Frontend languages help us to create a basic structure and design of any website, and with the help of Backend languages, we can easily store the user data and manage our website. And it’s totally illegal whenever we copy someone’s website source code and use it without his or her permission. So if you are a beginner and you want to practice then you should learn and analysis that how the browser hides such types of Backend languages and give us only the Frontend codes. And that’s all about today’s article.

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